The Hip Chick


Who is the hip chick? Why you of course! And at The Hip Chick we know just what it takes to turn a good outfit into a great outfit, a fun ensemble into a drop dead look. So that you know when you step out that you look great from head to toe. It’s that little bit of bling on your shirt. Or the purse that says “wow!” The belt that pulls it all together for you. And jeans–not just any jeans–embroidered, laced, studded jeans... all cut to fit you like a glove. Sweaters and skirts you can’t find anywhere else–except in all those fashion mags... you know, the pages you pulled out and thought, “If I could just find that outfit...” Yep, much of what we carry at The Hip Chick is featured in In Style, W and Vogue. That’s our goal. To find the best, most unique items and get them to you. We don’t carry everything. Just the special things that make your look different from everyone else’s. And let’s you be the Hip Chick you know you are.